Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter to the Malaysian People

Open Letter to my Malaysian Readers

I believe as of now, 6:40 PM my time, there have been 67 USA readers of this new BULLETINS 2.  There have been 274 Malaysian readers.  I am curious why the seemingly intense interest in Malaysia.

Before all I knew about the Malaysian people was that 65% are Muslim and that women should hold tightly to their purses / handbags.  So, I Googled to the Malaysian INSIDER to learn what I could...the December 20 issue.  I was relieved to see a photo of really beautiful Christmas decorations...telling me that I am welcome as a Christian.

Terrorism is evidently a touchy issue and a problem for the majority Sunni government per the article from which I extracted the following clip...

Shahidan, in an interview in The Malaysian Insider today, claimed that Zamihan had once linked Abdul Hadi, Asri, Juanda and himself with Wahhabi teachings and Islamic militant group JI.
The former Perlis Menteri Besar ticked off Zamihan for involving the Wahhabi in Putrajaya's crackdown on Shia followers in Malaysia.
Shahidan claimed that Wahhabi was not a sect because it followed the Sunni teachings, which is predominantly followed by Muslims in Malaysia.
However, Zamihan said during his time with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), he had only discussed the doctrine which extremists subscribed to.
"I have never linked Abdul Hadi, Asri, Juanda or Shahidan to JI, nor did I mention that they were JI terrorists. Whatever I said during the briefing session can be rechecked as it was a recorded session."
I feel bad about being retweeted by a Malaysian woman only to get blocked after my direct message.  I asked whether I needed to watch my back because I don't have all the protection I could use.  The fact is that I do not know if my readers are Sunni, Christian, Shia or JI.  I do not know if they are friends or the JI enemy just studying me and whether I have a chance to get elected.  All I know is that virtually as soon as I post, it is read, as if someone was on watch waiting to send notice that another new post was ready.
Anyway, you are my friends if only for boosting my readership.  I hope that I am also a friend to you.  I am not getting nearly enough readers in the USA to get elected.  On December 23, I will be 66 years old, so if I am not elected in 2016, considering my health now, I won't ever be elected.
So, in all the World's other Muslim countries I believe I have had 2 or 3 readers.  Please comment, anonymously if you wish, as to why Malaysia is so specially interested in my stuff.  Have a good day and a Happy New Year... Robert