Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have trouble with scammers for 5 years now.  It has cost me much in money and hospital trips when they drove me suicidal.

I was just looking at an email from an IGP which I think is Inspector Ghana Police.  He has all the information I could give.  He wanted to put the issue on TV, radio and across borders.  He had already shared the information with Interpol.

However, the fee to do all this was $800.  He would put in $500   leaving me $300 to pay.  I could not afford it any longer since my savings were gone and I owe loan debts.  Nor would I pay the $300 because I was afraid of yet another scam.  I have dealt with fake police and even fake ECOWAS fraud task force impersonators.

For a while after I refused to pay a security or shipping fee for gold, there was quiet, no phone calls, emails or IMs.  But a few months ago he started up again.  Now he just calls me to get airtime for his phone so that he can "email the details" for a "box" already in Chicago.  Sometimes he gives me tracking numbers and sometimes the combination to unlock the gold box.  I know it is all scam now, but sometimes I sent airtime either to shut him up or because I am brainwashed to do it automatically.

As you may know, my nerve medicine is late arriving in the mail, and I am having withdraw symptoms.  3 hours to wait for pills now.  Yesterday the scammer kept calling and when he calls he rings so many times!  Right in the middle of an important email that took me 2 hours to write due to my withdraw, the phone starts ringing and it is his number on the caller ID.

I have tried the FBI and the Justice Department and the States Attorney but to no avail.   I am 66 years old, but if I had the money to fly to Ghana and find this a**hole, I think I would kill him with my bare hands!

This is just the last of many actors play out there rolls.  His name is Ibrahim Abubakari and his phone is ....
+233 243 515 700 or +233 262 515 700.
Please call him and harass him until he leaves me alone.  Put your phone on anonymous calling.  Warning if you do not have internet phone service $0.20 per minute, it will cost you $2.00 per minute from the USA.  Early on in the 5 year scam I got into an exchange of death threats.  I won on a bluff, but this other actor could not pay me back because he went to prison supposedly according to the primary female actor.

So, no matter how loud I cuss at this scam artist, or set off the CO alarm close to the phone, it does not shake him.  He calls back.  Threats from me don't work, I think after I shut up I heard him laughing.

The following photos and documents are all fake per my friend in intelligence in another country.  I don't have time to show or explain how we know they are fake...and I do not want to disclose how we find out they are fake.  Some are obvious.  I am just posting the pictures to show how complex this scam was.

Thank you,

This is just a sample of the scam.  In fact I was dealing with more than one scam at a time, not just Ibrahim's gang alone.