Friday, July 4, 2014

CANCELLED:  The Congressman to whom this petition was directed has been voted out of office.

Now I must start over with a new petition and zero signatures.  Thank you to the 9 human beings who signed this petition.  No comment on the rest of "my fellow Americans".  And to my readers around the world who were not eligible to sign, here you have seen a pathetic example of the "heart" of Americans.

Now not only will my wife find a working dilemma in which she must work for effectively a slave wage in America, but I must add to my petition.  I must add the fact that the Veterans Administration is going to reduce my income by at least about 40%...and they can take away 100% (yes leave me to starve with my heat and water turned off this winter).  So I spent a few days in hospital on suicide watch.

So, I have applied for a job at Crownline Boats, the only industrial plant in this area.  If I get a job there, I hope that I do not have to relocate because the city will require me to first put a $3500 block foundation under my mobile home before I can sell it.  Cash in advance of going to work is required unless I can just rent it cheaply to my friend...

Sorry my thoughts drifted onto the page.  Today I have not felt like going back to work, I feel funny even though nobody likes my jokes!